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Jewellery Repair | Everything You Need to Know

Written on December 14, 2017   By   in business

Due to the delicate nature of some jewellery, it can be extremely easy to break. When jewellery breaks it can be devastating, especially if it has sentimental value or is really expensive. But fear not, all hope is not lost. There are a variety of jewellery repair options to choose from;

Types of Jewellery Repair

  • Ring sizing from
  • Ring prong re-tipping or replacement from
  • Ring head/setting replacement
  • Ring setting/stone tightening
  • Chain repair
  • Clasp replacement
  • Stone replacement
  • Polishing and cleaning
  • Pearl restringing


Many pieces of jewellery – especially expensive ones – usually come with a warranty. If anything goes wrong or breaks within the specified time period, you will either be able to get it fixed or replaced altogether. Some jewellers may even offer you a lifetime guarantee which could entitle you to free annual cleaning and inspection. Typically, they will come with a one-year warranty, which will cover you for things such as a broken clasp on a necklace or bracelet.


The cost of jewellery repair will vary depending on certain aspects, this includes;

  • The type of jewellery (ring, necklace etc.)
  • The type of brand (Rolex, Swarovski etc.)
  • The type of repair (e.g. clasp replacement, gemstone replacement etc.)
  • Type of material (gold, silver etc.)
  • How quickly you need the repair
  • Which jeweller you go to

Average Prices of Jewellery Repair

  • Ring sizing – from £27
  • Ring prong re-tipping or replacement – from £20
  • Ring head/setting replacement – from £35
  • Ring setting/stone tightening – from £12
  • Chain repair – from £20
  • Clasp replacement – from £15
  • Stone replacement – from £25
  • Pearl restringing – from £35

If you go to a jeweller, they should be able to give you a quote. The price may vary so go to a few to see what the best possible price is. Some jewellers may offer a free polishing and servicing.

Preventive Jewellery Care

If you want to try and prevent damage, then it’s advised you get your jewellery serviced regularly – especially if you wear it all the time.

For example, for a ring that you wear every day, it is advised you get it serviced twice a year. This is to keep on top of natural wear and tear, the ring can be inspected and any dents or problems can be removed before the problem gets too bad.


What to Look for in a Jewellery Repair Specialist

When it comes to jewellery repair, no one wants to leave their valuables in the wrong hands. That is why it’s important to go to a reliable and trusted jewellery repair specialist. A good jeweller should;

  • Listen – you should not feel as though the jeweller is trying to push specific pieces of jewellery on you to fit their own agenda, and only talk about cost
  • Be well established – they should have a repertoire of work and if they have photos they should show you previous work.
  • Be knowledgeable – not only should a jeweller know what they’re talking about, they should be able to explain it to you if you don’t understand.



Chimney Repair Glasgow | Everything You Need to Know

Written on December 12, 2017   By   in business

No one ever wants their chimney to get to the point that it requires costly repairs. But what can go wrong with a chimney and who should you call if you’re in need of chimney repair Glasgow? Read on to find out!

Chimney Repointing

When the mortar used to bind the bricks begins to crack and crumble due to weather exposure and time, then it needs to be replaced. If it is not moisture could get into the chimney, causing problems and being a threat of starting a chimney fire. Chimney repointing involves the old mortar being scraped away and replaced with new mortar, when done by a professional can last for up to 25 years.

Pot and Cowl Repairs

Chimney pots and cowls are both essential for the functioning of a chimney, and the safety of you and your home.

Chimney Pot

A chimney pot is located on top of the chimney and prevents rain from getting in, reduces wind and downdraft – which can cause smoke and ash to blow back into the room. It also prevents animals from getting in and nesting in the chimney.

Chimney Cowl

A chimney cowl, also known as the crown or cap, is situated on top of the chimney pot, this acts as a hood to further prevent wind and weather disrupting the use of your chimney.


Due to chimneys being situated high on the roof, they are constantly exposed to adverse weather conditions. Weatherproofing your chimney will help ensure that they are less vulnerable to erosion and damage caused by moisture.

Why Chimney Repair is Important

When you don’t repair a chimney it can have disastrous consequences. The more dilapidated a chimney gets the costlier it will be to repair in the future. Not only that but it could look unsightly on top of your home and even lower the property value. A chimney in need of repairs is also at great risk of starting a chimney fire. There are different ways that chimney fires can start including;

  • A build-up of creosote, tar or coal soot in the chimney flue that catches alight
  • Gaps in the mortar which allow sparks through the chimney and into the floorboards and walls

Chimney Inspection

To ensure that your chimney is in top form, it is advised you get a chimney inspection twice a year. This inspection should be carried out by a professional. A stove specialist can attend to all of your stove, chimney, and fireplace needs. Chimney inspection can catch problems early on rather than waiting for something more major to happen. It’s not only imperative for your chimney but for your safety. Chimney fires can be caused by the slightest fault in your chimney and it’s better to catch the problem before it catches you out.


The Risks When Starting Up a Business

Written on December 11, 2017   By   in business

So we all know what starting up a business isn’t a walk in the park. If you’re planning on starting up a business it’s important to weigh all the pros, as well as the cons.


Here are some of the risks associated with starting up a business;

Product Risk

You need to decide what you are selling, and sell it. You need to be able to explain your product and consumers need to believe in your product and want to try it, if not you aren’t going to get very far. An online marketing presence paired with SEO can help enhance your business.

Product risk is a controllable risk. You need to ensure to target the product at a big enough market at the right time. It’s important to do thorough research about all aspects of your new business, this includes information about similar products on the market and competitors (if any.) You should be able to clearly see and articulate where your business fits in the market.


Market Risk

It is important to know the customer that you are aiming to attract. You need to know about their buying habits including why, how and where they buy similar products. This will help you identify routes into the market so you can tackle it in a new way that competitors aren’t doing – and that will draw in customers.

Financial Risk

You cannot eliminate financial risk, but you can try and help prevent it. Sources of finance such as crowdfunding, investors and traditional VC’s are all viable options for new business owners starting out. Getting a few different sources of income – even if it’s just at the beginning – can help you have a little more security when starting up a business.

Team Risk

If you decide that you don’t want to work alone and want to hire people to help you (this is advised.) Ensure these people are trusted and reliable. You don’t want to have poor staff that will compromise the business by either not doing the necessary work or not doing it to the quality and standard that you expect. Always invest in people who bring out the best in your business.

Even if you’re starting up a business by yourself and not hiring employees, always make sure you have a mentor or confidant to help you prepare for each new challenge. You can also bounce ideas off of each other which will help your business grow and maintain success.

Execution Risk

Many entrepreneurs get so caught up in the details that they lose track of the overall company strategy. Others may do the opposite and not focus on details at all – only focusing on the company’s overall strategy. Finding the right balance between the two is imperative or you could run into some major problems.

Some risks can be controlled, and others, unfortunately, can’t. But knowing the possible risks is the first step in working towards preventing them.

Islay Whisky | The Mother of all Whiskies

Written on December 6, 2017   By   in business

Scotland, unlike any other place in the world, has been famous for its uniqueness and perfection when it comes to whiskies. The act of whiskey distillation in Scotland has been evolving over the years, and you might be surprised to learn that, whisky distillation in Scotland actually started when the Scottish people tried to make some use of the rain-soaked barley by turning it into the spirit. Scotland distilleries, although all perfect, produces whiskies that are very different and unique from each other and it is actually possible to identify the distillery just by the taste of the whisky.

The source of the water and the type of cask used during distillation are some of the factors that make these whiskeys very different from each other. Each distillery in Scotland boasts of its own heritage, taste, and uniqueness and in this article, we will be focusing on Islay whisky to show you the uniqueness and the beauty of this Scotch whisky.

About Islay Whiskey

Islay is located off the Scotland’s west coast. It boasts of amazing rocky bays and inlets which are sheltered and in this beautiful place in Scotland, eight operating distilleries are sheltered. Islay is probably one of the areas in Scotland that boast of the largest number of active distilleries, and it is no surprise that it has been crowned as the Whisky Land of Scotland!

Whisky distillation in Islay has withstood the test of time, and it is said that most of the Islay’s distilleries started off as farm distilleries. However, most of its original distilleries are said to have run into secluded glens or caves after the introduction of exercise duty in the 17th century. This is how far the history of whisky runs!

It is believed that the practice of whisky distillation was learnt from Ireland and was introduced in Islay by the monks. Islay provided an ideal whiskey distillation environment primarily because of the presence of spring water, barley and also peat. The presence of these raw materials meant that the distillation process would go on uninterrupted and with minimal costs.

It is possible to identify Islay’s single malts due to their unique peat that is not so common in other areas. The peat which has been burned in strong kilns with the aim of drying the malted barley is very different from any other peat from another city.

Islay whisky is very famous for its smokiness which is made unique by the scarce notes of seaweed and also the aroma of the sea air. Salty spray penetrating through the deep peat’s layers, seeping into the stores and the warehouses storing the maturing casks has resulted in pungent, sweet malts which are powerful and unique.

In all respect, the talk of whisky is never complete without the mention of Islay whiskies or one of its many distillers. What makes Islay even more unique is the presence of various attraction centres and physical features, making a whisky session even more beautiful and adventurers as you sip a dram of one of their finest whiskies.

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Bedroom Furniture Glasgow – Key Trend Alert

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If you are in the midst of a design shake up at home, moving house or just fancy a new boudoir it is necessary to look at two things – trends and your personal style. Some key trends have been released for 2017 within the interior design sector. Many of these trends including marble and copper materials are extremely predictable given the trickle through we have seen towards the back end of 2016. However, there have been some trends, particularly looking at bedroom furniture that are to die for; upholstered beds and dusty colours. These two sound like a match made in heaven! When looking for bedroom furniture Glasgow stores there is a huge amount of choice; from high street stores to bespoke independent retailers, Glasgow furniture stores have got everything you will need.

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Aesthetics Training – The Pathway to a New Career

Written on June 21, 2017   By   in Luxury Beauty

Aesthetics training is becoming incredibly popular in the UK. This is largely due to the country’s obsession with how it looks. More and more young people are looking to their favourite celebrities and bloggers for style and appearance inspiration. This has made lip filler courses and other aesthetics training highly popular amongst medical professionals. They have seen a gap in the market and want to go for it!

Lip fillers have become increasingly important in satisfying the desires of women and men to have that plump and full lip appearance. Full lips have long been identifielip filler coursesd as a sign of beauty, so much so, that many of those born without them are willing to pay the price tag. Lip filler courses are a great way to cash in on this trend. If you do your aesthetics training with a clinic that carry a good reputation you could go far in this industry that worships youth and beauty above all else.

Lip fillers can take only 15 minutes to administer and aren’t all that cheap, becoming an aesthetics practitioner can be extremely financially rewarding. Therefore, if you are worried about the costs associated with completing your training, you know you will have a steady income pouring in once your aesthetics training is complete.

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Wild Side: Glamping Experiences in Scotland

Written on June 20, 2017   By   in Luxury Getaways

Fancy living it up in the great nature of Scotland but don’t fancy sleeping in a freezing tent? Then you will love glamping! This is a new word associated with travel that lets you camp glamorously you will not need to worry about unwashed hair or dirty mirrors. Glamping is just like being at home in the wild. You will have all of your comforts and do not have to give up any luxuries. Here are some of the best glamping locations in Scotland, including some of the luxuries that you can enjoy while camping.

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Say Cheers with Rare Malt Whisky

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Cheers! Or should we say slàint! “Whisky” the English corruption from the Scottish and Irish Gaelic, “uisge beatha” or “usquebaugh”, meaning “water of life”. There are millions of whisky lovers across the world, but why is the rare malt beverage so popular?

Scotland is more than famous for the excellent whisky which it produces and is most famous for its rare malt whisky brands. Rare whiskies may be expensive, however, to collectors they are worth their weight in gold. Nowadays finding a rare whisky shop has never been so easy.

Are you interested in finding out more about rare malt whiskies brand which has originated from Scotland? Sit tight as we delve deeper into the world of rare malt whisky. Continue Reading →


Celebrities Obsessed With Interior Design

Written on April 17, 2017   By   in Celebrities

It is no secret that celebrities are multi-talented beings. There are countless celebrities who are both actors and singers – Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Lopez are to name just a few. Outside of their spotlight careers there are many celebrities which take a keen interest in the worlds of both fashion and interior design.  There was rarely an episode of Cribs that went by where we weren’t lusting over whichever celebrity was on. With Instagram being so prolific now celebrities need to make an effort to make their homes snap-worthy and something to stare at, mouth-open and full of jealousy. Although it has to be said that having endless amounts of cash must come in handy, I’m sure that if normal people had the same kind of money then they could unleash their true design talents on the world. Unfortunately for some the reality is one option: IKEA. Nonetheless it is a hobby in itself browsing through a celebrity’s design inspiration on Pinterest Here are some celebrities you may have not known have a keen eye for interior design:

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Orthodontist Glasgow: Achieving A Successful Smile

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In life having misshapen or crooked teeth can affect not only your personal life but also your social life. Your teeth represent your confidence and personality through your smile. If you have unappealing teeth you may to self-conscious to smile. Giving off the wrong impression to people around you. having an attractive smile matter. It is the first thing that people will notice about you, and in business, that matters. First impressions are vital in the business works, so make yours last with beautiful teeth and a winning smile. An orthodontist Glasgow will be able to transform your teeth and give you that successful smile.

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