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Pack Up Your Office With Style

Written on April 20, 2017   By   in Uncategorized

We all know the stress that is attached to moving. It is up there with having a baby and getting married. Moving office and be extremely stressful as well as being a demanding task. Getting all of your office belongings and equipment into heavy duty cardboard boxes can be a difficult task. Finding the right sized box for all of your office furniture and contents can be extremely difficult. However, there is no need to worry, we are here to help you along the way! These moving office tips will ensure that your moving experience will be smooth and stress-free. These tips will also provide you with some of the best packing boxes that you need when moving!

Sort Out Your Office Contents


After years in one place, unused and unwanted items can gather. Old printer that no one uses or a broken lamp in the corner, or even huge piles of letters that don’t get looked at. All of these things need to be cleared out before the big move. You do not want to take anything unnecessary to your new location.

After you have done this it is time to categorise the contents of your office. This will make it easier when you pack them into heavy duty boxes. keep the kitchen, the bathroom and the office separate when moving. Doing this will make it easier for you when it comes to the dreaded unpacking process at your new premises. Labelling the packing boxes will make this process even easier, ensuring you know what is inside each box. By doing this, you will get back to work in no time.

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Extra Heavy Duty Cardboard


When you are moving office space it is vital that your contents are secure and protected during the move. Office equipment can be expensive and costly to replace. For this reason, choose extra heavy duty cardboard when you are buying packing boxes for removals. These will ensure that the heavier items in your office, such as large monitors or coffee machines, are kept safe and protected while on the move.

Save yourself the heartbreak of opening your packing boxes at your new office to find that some of your belongings are broken or faulty. Heavy duty cardboard boxes for shipping are also made from double wall corrugated. As well as this, they are fitted with a BC fluting to offer a higher level of protection. These moving boxes are perfect for more fragile office equipment.

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Extra-Large Cardboard Boxes UK


Office equipment comes in different shapes and sizes. When moving office protecting your belongings is vital. As the heartbreak of opening your large cardboard boxes on arrival and finding something smashed is not what you want to experience.

Larger coffee machines or printers and scanners need to be kept safe and well shipped during an office move. For this reason, investing in extra-large cardboard boxes will keep these items safe. Finding the right sized cardboard moving box can be difficult for these bigger items, however, these packing boxes will hold some of the biggest equipment you have in your office.

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