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Aesthetics Training – The Pathway to a New Career

Written on June 21, 2017   By   in Luxury Beauty

Aesthetics training is becoming incredibly popular in the UK. This is largely due to the country’s obsession with how it looks. More and more young people are looking to their favourite celebrities and bloggers for style and appearance inspiration. This has made lip filler courses and other aesthetics training highly popular amongst medical professionals. They have seen a gap in the market and want to go for it!

Lip fillers have become increasingly important in satisfying the desires of women and men to have that plump and full lip appearance. Full lips have long been identifielip filler coursesd as a sign of beauty, so much so, that many of those born without them are willing to pay the price tag. Lip filler courses are a great way to cash in on this trend. If you do your aesthetics training with a clinic that carry a good reputation you could go far in this industry that worships youth and beauty above all else.

Lip fillers can take only 15 minutes to administer and aren’t all that cheap, becoming an aesthetics practitioner can be extremely financially rewarding. Therefore, if you are worried about the costs associated with completing your training, you know you will have a steady income pouring in once your aesthetics training is complete.

The Best Lip Filler Courses

Any medical professionals who wish to enter a platform from which they can advance their career on would benefit from aesthetics training. When deciding on where to complete your aesthetics training you must be careful to choose a respectable company. The Face Academy are a company which understand the need for medical professionals to want to develop their skills and expertise. This is a company which wants to share the knowledge they have with aesthetic hopefuls and in turaesthetics trainingn, create more well-rounded and experienced practitioners, to enter into the field of cosmetics with confidence.

Aesthetics training can give you the skills to compete in an overcrowded marketplace and will allow you to build upon your current career whilst not abandoning it completely. Whether you currently have experience with cosmetics or fancy trying something completely new, there will be a course which suits you. Don’t be put off if you have no current experience with Injectables, as a medical professional you will be well placed to study aesthetics.

Different Types of Aesthetics Training

If you fancy a career in cosmetics there are a whole range of courses to choose from. Simply looking at lip filler courses could majorly narrow your employability. Cosmetic practices are now looking for individuals with a broad skill set, who are able to administer many different types of treatment. The new guidelines set out by Health Education England (HEE) have meant tighter regulations across the board. One effective way to ensure your job security or boost your chances of employment is to gain your level 7 certificate. This is the highest qualification you can gain and was designed specifically for health professionals such as doctors, dentists and nurses.

What are you waiting for? Book your course now and future proof your career.


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