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Bedroom Furniture Glasgow – Key Trend Alert

Written on August 12, 2017   By   in Uncategorized

If you are in the midst of a design shake up at home, moving house or just fancy a new boudoir it is necessary to look at two things – trends and your personal style. Some key trends have been released for 2017 within the interior design sector. Many of these trends including marble and copper materials are extremely predictable given the trickle through we have seen towards the back end of 2016. However, there have been some trends, particularly looking at bedroom furniture that are to die for; upholstered beds and dusty colours. These two sound like a match made in heaven! When looking for bedroom furniture Glasgow stores there is a huge amount of choice; from high street stores to bespoke independent retailers, Glasgow furniture stores have got everything you will need.

Upholstered Beds – From Celebrity to High Street Status

These gorgeous bedheads were typically only used in luxury hotels or celebrity homes. You wouldn’t have to go through too many episodes of Cribs until you found one of these lavish beds on display in some Beverley Hills mansion. A weekend at an exclusive castle in the Scottish Highlands would be made to feel even more like a 5-star getaway if you were sleeping on one of these. The good news is they are finally making it into the ordinary homes of people just like you and me.

Get your Hands on One

If you too are sick of looking at the same ‘cookie-cutter’ style bed you bought from IKEA then an upholstered bed is a great way to make an individual statement. If you are looking for a bedroom furniture Glasgow store, Modish is a great one-stop shop to kit out your home. They have a number of upholstered beds on offer as well as bespoke items to compliment your new bed and create a bedroom you’ll never want to leave. They also have a bedroom furniture Glasgow showroom so you can see these products and get a feel for them. Our top pick from Modish is their ‘Colorado Fabric Bed’bedroom furniture Glasgow  in grey. This sleigh bed is a timeless classic and has a buttoned headboard as well as a lavish foot board.

Dress Your Bed

Every stylish bed needs equally attractive bedding to go with it. If you have quite a statement bed then it is often a good idea to go for more simple bedding options, especially if you don’t want to go over the top and seek a simple design concept.

Bedside Buddies

Once you have chosen your perfect bed you of course need some sidekicks bedroom furniture Glasgow in the form of bedside dressers. Despite being made of fabric as opposed to wood or plastic, even upholstered beds still look good with normal end tables. An important consideration could be if you want to use bedside tables at all. In recent years we have seen a move to a very minimalist style – why not replace your beside tables with some plants or some kind of vase? Long standing lamps are a great addition to any bedside as well.