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The Risks When Starting Up a Business

Written on December 11, 2017   By   in business

So we all know what starting up a business isn’t a walk in the park. If you’re planning on starting up a business it’s important to weigh all the pros, as well as the cons.


Here are some of the risks associated with starting up a business;

Product Risk

You need to decide what you are selling, and sell it. You need to be able to explain your product and consumers need to believe in your product and want to try it, if not you aren’t going to get very far. An online marketing presence paired with SEO can help enhance your business.

Product risk is a controllable risk. You need to ensure to target the product at a big enough market at the right time. It’s important to do thorough research about all aspects of your new business, this includes information about similar products on the market and competitors (if any.) You should be able to clearly see and articulate where your business fits in the market.


Market Risk

It is important to know the customer that you are aiming to attract. You need to know about their buying habits including why, how and where they buy similar products. This will help you identify routes into the market so you can tackle it in a new way that competitors aren’t doing – and that will draw in customers.

Financial Risk

You cannot eliminate financial risk, but you can try and help prevent it. Sources of finance such as crowdfunding, investors and traditional VC’s are all viable options for new business owners starting out. Getting a few different sources of income – even if it’s just at the beginning – can help you have a little more security when starting up a business.

Team Risk

If you decide that you don’t want to work alone and want to hire people to help you (this is advised.) Ensure these people are trusted and reliable. You don’t want to have poor staff that will compromise the business by either not doing the necessary work or not doing it to the quality and standard that you expect. Always invest in people who bring out the best in your business.

Even if you’re starting up a business by yourself and not hiring employees, always make sure you have a mentor or confidant to help you prepare for each new challenge. You can also bounce ideas off of each other which will help your business grow and maintain success.

Execution Risk

Many entrepreneurs get so caught up in the details that they lose track of the overall company strategy. Others may do the opposite and not focus on details at all – only focusing on the company’s overall strategy. Finding the right balance between the two is imperative or you could run into some major problems.

Some risks can be controlled, and others, unfortunately, can’t. But knowing the possible risks is the first step in working towards preventing them.