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The Best Celebrity Stylist of 2017

Written on April 13, 2017   By   in Celebrities


A red carpet appearance for a celebrity is a big production. Putting it all together can be a huge task. However, this production never gets that much attention in the media that it should. All the attention is on how draw dropping the celebrity looks, not on how they were made to look that way. Celebrities effortlessly emerge to greet fans and get their picture taken to be plastered all over magazines. We never think what about what happens behind the scenes. The designer, makeup artist, hairstylists and PR team have forgotten about.  However, we are here to remember them! Here are the best celebrity stylists of 2017 that you need to know about.

Joseph Cassell


With clients including Gigi Hadid and Taylor Swift, Joseph Cassell is a well-known stylist in the celebrity world. He uses his knowledge of great colour combinations and designers to create a masterpiece for his high profile clients. Cassel’s signature look is dramatic dresses and fabulous accessories. He is not afraid to experiment with his designs to ensure that his clients stay on top of their game. On the red carpet, outfits matter. It could make someone the queen or the jester on the red carpet.

Joseph takes into consideration the sizes and shaped of his clients to ensure that he gets them the best possible outfit. From dressing Gigi and Taylor, he has become friends with the girls and they are regularly seen on his social media.


Kate Young


With great brand contacts, design skills and a sharp eye for what’s hot, Kate Young is an amazing stylist that is well renowned in the celebrity world. She is known for dressing a vast amount of great celebrities. These include; Sienna Miller, Natalie Portman, Margot Robbie, Selena Gomez and Michelle Williams.

Young appreciates that everyone is different and that they have unique styles. For this reason, she gets to know her clients on a personal level so she can pick an appropriate outfit for them.


Law Roach


Not only is Roach a fantastic judge on America’s Next Top Model, he is also a great stylist. Law Roach is responsible for some of Zendaya Coleman’s most fabulous looks. They have been working together for years, making Coleman’s outfits stand out and watch they eyes of millions.

As well as this Roach is responsible for turning heads in Paris Fashion Week and on the streets with the transformation of Celine Dion. He managed to get people’s heads turning as they saw the new and improved Celine Dion. Her style transformation into current style will stay in the minds of all for years.

Roach has made a name for himself, and people in the fashion world respect his judgement. They trust him so much that they made him a judge on America’s Next Top Model. Many celebrities sought after him and his advice. However, his busy schedule and many clients make it nearly impossible for him to take new clients on.