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Is Acting Being Featured Enough In Education?

Acting is a skill and role is which is increasingly being pursued across the UK. However , there are many questions being asked by those within the industry about whether or not the acting and arts industries are being supported enough as things stand. Lets look at whether or not acting is being featured enough in education throughout the UK.

Why Is Acting Important?

To fully appreciate acting , one of the best things to do is visit a local theatre or acting company. Acting is important as it can allow young and older people alike to develop a wide range of interchangeable skills and pursue a meaningful and valuable career for the future.

Another reason why acting is important is that it is very different from other professions. Its provides an outlet to convey ideas , drama , humour , comedy and everything in-between.

Historically acting has been popular with people from all backgrounds and increasingly incentives are being made available to allow people of all backgrounds to see and access acting where possible.

Acting In Education

Acting and drama within education is being delivered across the country in a limited capacity. This means that some schools are featuring it as an optional subject whilst many others are choosing not to.

For those schools that choose not to , this could mean on thousands of pupils losing out on valuable skills that could help them in many different ways. For example , many actors have shared their personal experience about working before acting and explaining how much acting has benefited their communication skills as well as confidence in general.

Therefore , it is well worth more schools considering acting and drama as part of their curriculum as this could help to build pupils skills whilst giving them a good and varied understanding of the arts in general.

What More Can Be Done To Promote Acting?

Overall there is a lot more that can be done in order to promote acting to a wider audience. One of the main things that can be done to promote acting is school visits.

School visits from actors can go a long way to encouraging young people to become involved in acting. This means that pupils can get an insight into what an acting career is like and what might be involved in the process overall.

There is a lot of different skills that can go into an acting career so it is a path well worth exploring where possible. Another key way in which acting can be actively promoted is through street performance campaigns. Street performers and actors are a great way through which public interest can be drawn towards the arts where possible.


Overall to conclude it is clear that acting and theatre is still very much an important practice that should continue to be popular with the younger and older generations alike. Therefore , it is very important that this option remains open and becomes more accessible via education in order to help progress the next generation of actors.

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Use An Instagram Liker Bot For Your Social Media

We recently covered a post giving tips for aspiring actors that you can read here. We covered some basic tips that can help you in your journey in the acting world, whether you want to be in theatre, film, tv or more. These tips are a great start, but in this post we want to discuss the promotional and marketing side of your acting career. This is an important step, and one that you will most likely be performing yourself at the start, or with the help of your agent. You need a social media presence for your professional work so that directors and film makers can see you and what you are all about. To help you grow your following and be taken more seriously, you can enlist the help of an Instagram liker bot to help you on your way.

instagram liker bot

What Is An Instagram Liker Bot?

An Instagram liker bot is essentially a tool that increases your engagement on Instagram. By increasing your interactions with others, you increase your chances of being followed. The special programs go into the accounts that you target and relate with them in different ways, for example liking their content or voting on their Instagram story. They then see that your profile has engaged with them and this prompts them to engage back, in some way or another. The great thing about this service is that you arent paying for followers or receiving fake accounts, you are simply automating your activities for maximum engagement.

Why Do You Need It

The honest truth is that the acting world is saturated with competition, from the elite actors of the big screen to everyone else who wants a piece of the action. There are so many people that another social media profile will just get lost amongst a sea of other profiles, and people will not really pay attention to your profile. Especially for new actors that have not built a name for themselves, if they do not have a large social media following it can be hard for them to be taken seriously. For this reason it is advantageous to get on social media and start growing a following, but this can be time consuming, and if you are busy all the time, using an automated service is the best way to speed it up.


How It Works

The automation software works by going into specified accounts and then going into their list of followers. Since these people will have an interest in this Instagram niche, which in this case is acting and the performing arts, they will be perfect candidates. The software will then engage with them in some way, often by voting on their story or interacting with a post, and this activity encourages some kind of reciprocal engagement. Sometimes it will mean that the person will follow you, other times they might just like a few pictures, other times they will just ignore it, but by playing the numbers game you encourage more followers.

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Become An Actor

Acting is one of the toughest jobs to nail these days, and if you are going to make it as an actor you are going to have to really stand out from the crowd.

With tons of competition, picky directors and an overstretched workload that can take you all over the world, being an actor these days is harder than ever.

Whether you want to star in Hollywood film or be a west end success, it is going to take serious work to get there.

This post is designed to give you a few tips that should help you on your way, however be warned that it is going to take hard work, dedication and the ability to take constant rejection.

First up on our tip list is confidence. To be an actor you are going to need maximum confidence levels.

This does not just mean that you have to be confident in your skills and your lines, but also confidence in yourself.

People in the film industry can tell straight away if you lack the confidence required to be an actor.

But be careful, as there is a thin line between confidence and arrogance, and no one likes an arrogant actor.

Second tip it to know and improve on your skills.

If you are an actor you must know where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and you should also accept that while it is good to be well rounded, you are not going to be perfect for every role.

Try to establish the roles that you are good at and perfect them.

Last tip is not to turn down work, especially when you are starting out.

If you haven’t done anything for a while, do a short film, as it can be very advantageous for your career and repertoire.


What Challenges Do Young Actors Face And How Is The Acting World Changing?

Young actors across the world face a range of different issues and this is having a significant influence on peoples decisions as to whether to continue this career path or not or go into a totally different career path altogether. This article will look at the overall challenges that are being faced by new actors and what they are having to do in order to overcome them.


One of the biggest factors that can be considered overall in terms of issues actors face is competition. Competition is a significant factor and has been for many years as acting is a very competitive industry. It is not uncommon for recruiters for acting posts to have hundreds of applicants at a time due to the numbers of actors out of work overall.

One of the main reasons for so much competition within the industry is the number of films and popular TV series that have inspired people to become actors overall. It is not uncommon for actors to be unemployed either , in fact most actors have several jobs outside of acting in order to tide them over until they land a big role such as in an advertisement or alternatively in a film/ movie.

Financial Pressures

Financial pressures are very big factors to take into account that are affecting young actors overall. Many young as well as old actors face steep fees in order to train as an actor at university or college. In addition to this they often need to take on more than one part time role in order to pay off bills and afford rent.

Acting is by no means an easy profession to take on as financial uncertainty until you have “made it” has always been a factor in many actors lives overall. Although having said this even some high profile actors have admitted that between films or tv series they have had to take on a regular part time job.

Rapidly Changing Environment

Another factor that is often being taken into account is a rapidly changing environment overall. Within the acting and media world there has been significant change in overall attitudes to actors as well as what they are portraying overall.

This means that actors need to be more flexible with how they interpret scripts as well as the way they act overall. A recent film which has sparked much debate across the world and caused a mini media storm is joker. In this film joaquin phoenix stars as the villain joker.

This film has stoked controversy due to what some believe to be graphic violence as well as incitement to commit copycat attacks as well as perpetuating mental health stereotypes. This film caused mixed reviews and divided critics and is a perfect example of why some directors as well as actors need to be aware of the media criticism and magnifying glass that they could come under after the film has been released.

Overall on the whole actors often face a wide number of challenges overall and need to be prepared to go over and above what they had expected to do in terms of working and gaining extra qualifications in order to make their way through an acting career. Doing this alongside making connections within the acting industry is the best overall way in which to make headway within the industry.

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