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Wild Side: Glamping Experiences in Scotland

Written on June 20, 2017   By   in Luxury Getaways

Fancy living it up in the great nature of Scotland but don’t fancy sleeping in a freezing tent? Then you will love glamping! This is a new word associated with travel that lets you camp glamorously you will not need to worry about unwashed hair or dirty mirrors. Glamping is just like being at home in the wild. You will have all of your comforts and do not have to give up any luxuries. Here are some of the best glamping locations in Scotland, including some of the luxuries that you can enjoy while camping.

What Is Glamping?


Glamping is a new global trend that offers outdoor enthusiasts, and novices alike, an upgrade on tent life. When you are glamping there is no tent to put up or no sleeping bag to climb into. As well as this, there is no need to build you own fire with glamping! What a bonus. Glamping is a way to experience the great outdoors without sacrificing luxury. Therefore, you may find yourself deep in the Scottish wilderness but your accommodation will provide you with electricity! This means hairdryers, proper beds, television and best of all… a fridge! This will make your stay much more comfortable.


What Luxuries to Expect from Glamping in Scotland


If you are looking for total luxury while staying in a forest or hillside in Scotland, then you can increase the sophistication of the location you are staying. There are plenty of places in Scotland that offer stunning retreats for those extravagance lovers. If you were to go towards the higher end of the scale, you may receive some of these features:

  • Hot tub
  • Sauna
  • Underfloor heating
  • Comfortable beds


You can go glamping in many locations in Scotland. Deep in the heart of the Scottish forests, on the banks of some of our stunning lochs or at our coastal rural spots. These types of holidays will bring you much closer to the action. You will get to enjoy some of the wonderful activities and scenery of Scotland and then go back to a wonderful location to rest and sleep.


Types Of Glamping Locations


You can enjoy glamping in many locations. It does not have to only be in a great house. It can be experienced any different ways. Whether you are looking for something uniquely stunning or a simpler, chic accommodation you will find it! all over Scotland, there are locations that you will love. From on the water to on the hillside of one of our great hills. Glamping can be done anywhere.

  • Eco pods
  • Tipis
  • Wigwam
  • Yurt

You can experience glamping in either of these great accommodations. They all bring something unique and special to the table that will allow you to truly fall in love with camping and being outdoors. As well as this, boats and broches are a popular choice when it comes to glamping in unique accommodation.