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Why Is VHS To Digital Conversion Important?

Written on June 17, 2020   By   in Media, VHS to digital

At Little theatre guild we recently decided that VHS to Digital conversion with Digital converters was the best option for us. This is because we had large piles of old films , acting videos and informational films about drama and theatre. However many of these were old and unused which had meant some of them had begun to degrade. In order to preserve them we decided they needed to be moved onto a new format.

VHS to digital

Why Are Old Tapes Important?

There are actually a lot of different reasons as to why old tapes and media are important to us. One of the main reasons why these old tapes were so important to us was the footage and material held on the tapes. Many acting techniques and instructional videos stored on some of the older tapes are simply unavailable today which makes them even more valuable overall.

Another key reason why this sort of media is important is the lack of support available for it . As time has moved on technology has progressed and some more basic forms of technology have been left behind. Therefore it is more important than ever that we are able to preserve older media where it is possible to do so.

How Easy Was The Process ?

On the whole the digital conversion process was surprisingly easy and effective!we got in touch with the digital conversion company and within just a matter of days we had our freshly converting media alongside our original media copies ready to be used.

One of the great things that we found about using this service is that it takes very little effort and involves minimal hassle! The main things that we had to do on our end was identifying what media we wanted to be restored and converted from VHS to digital format.

This didn’t take long because the majority of the tapes we had stored needed to be repaired or converted in some form. We found that the service was excellent and the prices we were quoted were also very affordable. Therefore , given our experience we would highly recommend you checking out this service!

VHS to digital

Important Points To Keep In Mind

Given that we are a small theatre company and do have a fair budget our needs may differ from yours somewhat. Therefore we would like to point out some different points to keep in mind if you are considering converting some of your older media into a digital format.

  • Your budget
  • How long the process will take
  • The reviews of different digital conversion companies
  • How much media you need converted
  • How much the service is likely to benefit you overall

Key Findings

To conclude , the process of converting VHS to digital is well worth considering. The process can be conducted quickly and effectively in order to have your media converted into a better quality format which is likely to last for far longer than VHS.

it is important that older media is preserved so that future generations can learn from the knowledge and archive footage gathered on these tapes.

VHS to digital