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A Place in The Sun: Luxury Holidays

Written on April 11, 2017   By   in Luxury Getaways

If you love the life of luxury and are looking for a new location to escape too, these beach destinations may be for you. Perfect for a honeymoon or romantic getaway, these sunny destinations scream luxury.



This glorious destination is located near the Indian Ocean, where the sand is golden and the water clear. This exotic beach allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and allow you to relax in the heat. The dazzling beaches in the Maldives pack a punch when it comes to clear waters and luxurious accommodation.

The Maldives is a picturesque island that is in the heart of the Indian Ocean. Each island has its own resort where you will be treated like kings and queens. The different islands also have their own exclusive Champaign drink that is exclusive to that island. the islands are flat and surrounded by white, pristine sand. These small, intimate islands would make the perfect get away. As well as this, there are islands in the Maldives that are uninhabited which you can visit. See stunning animals in their natural environment as you visit unspoiled landscapes.

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The Caribbean


Enjoy some exotic luxury while visiting the Caribbean. The picture perfect sands and warm water of the Caribbean make it a popular designation for luxury lovers. Spend your days lazing in the sun, feasting on some of the best Caribbean cuisines.

You can also visit the underwater world the Caribbean as you delve into the stunning waters. During the excursion, you will discover the amazing underwater world full of colour and animals. The Caribbean is also surrounded by rugged blue mountains of Jamaica and the rainforest of Saint Lucia. Become one with nature as you gaze at the stunning scenery that is around you. The hot weather and cool drinks makes the Caribbean one of the best places to visit!

The Caribbean is known for its dances. So get your feet moving with some of Cuba’s colourful past of salsa. The on resort staff will be able to give you full lessons and make you a professional in now time.


French Rivera


One of the best-known places in the French Rivera is Cannes. The much-loved home of the annual Cannes film festival. Where the city becomes a playground for the rich and famous. Cannes is well established as a luxurious getaway. Known for its 5-star restaurants and luxury restaurants.

With stunning rivers and beaches, Cannes is a hot spot for luxury holiday makers. With great landmarks that you can visit while soaking up the sun, there is no doubt this you will love the French Rivera and all that it has to offer.




Another hot spot for celebrities, this location is perfect for a Spanish getaway. The warm weather and cold drinks will keep you going during the day. Known for its nightlife and pool parties. Marbella would be perfect for younger couples that love a bit of Luxury. With villas in the mountains and hills, there are plenty of great places to visit in Marbella.