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The Celebrities That We Idolise the Most

Written on April 12, 2017   By   in Celebrities


In today’s society, there are plenty of celebrities that we idolise. Some don’t last very long but some surpluses our expectation and last in the ‘celebrity world’ for longer than anticipated. We idolise people for different reasons in the celebrity world, and everyone loves their own celebrity more. Whether that is a singer, songwriter or actor. We fall in love with their back stories as well as their entertainment. From knowing every detail of their life to knowing every word of their music. We, as a nation, have become totally obsessed with the world of celebrities. Here are some of the most idolised celebrities to date and why we love them!


Emma Watson


The heart-warming Emma Watson is a firm favourite with the British public. The lovable character of Hermione lives in our heart forever.  The English rose is completely adored by the public, for all the right reasons. She played a female character whose greatest strength was her brains rather than her beauty. Her intelligence is celebrated by men and women alike. Watson, after Harry Potter, went to the US to study and gained herself a degree.

Her latest role as Belle in the new remake of Beauty and the Beast has captured the heart of the nation. The younger generation has now become obsessed with her. She has now become a national treasure. Not only for her beauty but for her brains.


Kate Middleton

kate middleton

The lovable Kate Middleton won the hearts of the nation. The everyday girl is an overall family favourite as she is an overall British girl. Her classic looks and stunning personality made the British people fall in love with her.

We are all hooked on her romance with Prince William and their young family. Every outfit that she wears is plastered across all magazines and sells out in minutes as we are all in love with her. Her kind personality and charity work makes her a perfect for men and women to idolise.



adele music award

the English beauty Adele, is one of the most loved artists in the UK. She is well loved for her amazing singling voice and not her beauty. Adele is a mulita- award winning artist that has sold out arenas all over the world.

People are invested in her music as it goes through a heartfelt story. Her music relates to the heartbreak and sadness that she has encountered throughout the years. Although, we know little to nothing about her past we still keep our hearts invested in her story. Adele keeps her private life extremely private, letting the public know little about her. As well as this, she keeps her family out of the lime light. However, this keeps us invested in her music as that is the only portal we have into her life.

Empowering Women


We idolise women from all walks of life. From the music industry to the acting industry. Each celebrity mentioned has their own reason why we love them. These women have created a name for themselves by being powerful, intelligent and talented. These women are worth idolising.