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This ballet performance used a pallet lifter to manoeuvre bits of the set.

How An Industrial Pallet Lifter Could Help Around The Theatre

Written on September 19, 2018   By   in business, Theatre

When it comes to working on a set in a theatre, many people do not realise the sheer amount of heavy lifting that is involved. In many cases, there is a real need for industrial machinery to ensure the staff are safe and not overworked. We recommend that every theatre should invest in an industrial pallet lifter. This will not only aid staff with lifting, but can also help to move pieces of set or props. It can also help staff to load vans with equipment when going on tour or hiring external props or gear.

Read on and find out exactly how an industrial pallet lifter could help you out in the theatre.

Moving Heavy Pieces of Set

First of all, the best thing a pallet lifter can be used for is of course heavy lifting. In industrial environments, this equipment is almost always used to lift pallets of extremely heavy loads. This makes them perfect for carrying any of the heavier pieces of the set. Why use ten men to try and lift something when you can use one guy and a machine? It is far quicker and much more efficient and will allow you to focus on the theatrical bits of your show.

Man using a pallet lifter in the external part of the theatre to move stock for the theatre bar.


Protecting Staff from Injury

Most noteworthy, a pallet lifter will ensure staff and actors are protected from injury. This is due to the fact that there will be a reduction in the need for heavy lifting. Heavy lifting in any workplace is a huge cause of both accidents and repetitive strain injuries. Using the equipment and also training people to use it will vastly reduce your risk of anything happening to your colleagues.

Loading Vans with Equipment on Tour

A pallet lifter will ensure that all of your electrical equipment, lighting as well as stage and the set can be loaded into a van with ease. It can be time-consuming and strenuous for a member of staff to carry out this task alone. As a result, we recommend a pallet lifter to easily transport the equipment from theatre to vehicle. It will likewise be far easier to unload the vehicle at the other end of your trip. The number of accident or cases of staff dropping things will be reduced.

Finding a Quality Pallet Lifter

If you wish to find a brilliant industrial pallet lifter, then we recommend visiting an industrial machinery retailer. You can find many online who will be able to discuss your needs and requirements and recommend the best pallet lifters for the job.

An example of a small pallet lifter which could be helpful on the theatre set.